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Doula Training

At Birthing Beautiful Communities we offer two types of training: Doula Training and Perinatal Support Professional Training.

A Doula is a companion, a birth coach, an advocate and your

village — a Doula is also nonmedical support person who is part of the family's medical team.

Doulas assist pregnant persons (in addition to their partner) before, during or after childbirth by providing physical assistance, continuous labor support and emotional support.


A BBC Perinatal Support Person is a highly trained support person who contracts with Birthing Beautiful Co mmunities after additional training and development. This is a professional doula who specializes in maternal/newborn care, who not only provides emotional support, but also physical and educational assistance to a mother and her partner who are expecting, experiencing labor or have recently given birth. As a member of the birth team, the PSP’s purpose is to do what a normal doula does, while addressing the basic issues of infant Mortality.


BBC Training Basics

Training consists of 7 to 10 modules of training and a commitment to 40 classroom hours. Training

includes case review, homework assignments, a project / report, and community engagement.


Trainees are provided with a training manual, group and individual coursework, birth skills training, a virtual classroom interaction, study groups and a host of material for professional development.

Training dates are provided below, as well as in the registration link. Training is generally a set number of days (7 to 10) with a commitment of daily class times. Those who choose to train should consider their work and family life and make needed adjustments before registration. Those interested in training in training will need to read training disclosures during registration for commitments and details specific to the session interested in as each session may vary slightly

between morning, afternoon or evening classes. By acknowledging the disclosure during regostration

you agree to those timeframes provided.

Who May Do Well In Training?

The doula trainee is a mostly self-directed and disciplined person with a passion for birth equity, improving birth outcomes and supporting mothers during perinatal stages. Those who want to enter this field should consider the flexibility of their fulltime employment for both doula work and training.


This role requires training with little to no absences, may require some travel, and personal organization to ensure time management and modeling for your clients. Trainees should be open to serve clients with different backgrounds, family cultures, needs, be aware of the community they will serve, and able to do some community outreach.

The Perinatal Support Professional is a certified birth professional paid by Birthing Beautiful Communities to render services for BBC clients. This contractor does not work for BBC but becoming a PSP requires an interview process as well as some additional training requirements.


Interviews are only available based on client capacity and administrative needs. We generally post when we are hiring on all social media platforms as well as the website, however we offer applications to those who have previously trained with first. BBC Doula Training first. Doula Training does not guarantee an opportunity to become a PSP.

How Do We Choose Our PSP?

Training Cost

The total cost of training is $800. Registration is available below. A $100 deposit is due to complete the registration process. Training payment arrangements are available as needed but payment must be made in full before the certification exam can be completed.


Scholarships from community and church groups are up to the individual to secure on their own and payments should be made directly to BBC training admins. Electronic payments are available by email request to and the payment confirmations should be submitted by email also. 

*This training is only available for women in the community most effected by Infant Mortality with household incomes of $70,000 or less who are not employed by health institutions or partner organizations (ie. Case, UH, Neighborhood Connections, Famicos, The Cleveland Clinic). Health Institutions and partners who are interested in training must contact Christin Farmer at to create a training or replication plan. This training is culturally centered.

* Money order and electronic payments only for training - NO cash

*Due to time limits and mail delays, electronic payment is available by request only beginning 12/16/2020 to or You must email the electronic payment confirmation to be added to the class roster. 


 Upcoming Doula Training

Become A Certified Doula in The State of Ohio

If you have a heart for moms and babies, we encourage you to train with us! 
Doula training with BBC is scheduled for
 April 10 - 17 from 1 - 6 PM , and July 10 - 17th 4 - 9PM
The total cost for training and certification is $800. A $100 deposit is required to hold your space however we will review the registration before we confirm your class information. Deposits will be returned if we can not confirm your enrollment in a training a session due to over enrollment, conflicts of interest or other scheduling issues noted before class is finalized.  
Due to mail delays electronic payments will be accepted by contacting
April Training 2021 training will close March 30, 2021

Note: Those who complete this training will not automatically be employees of Birthing Beautiful Communities,

but will be able to work as a trained doulas in Ohio and can apply for employment. You may have the opportunity to interview if a postion should become open.

Speakers Bureau

Our mission is to teach and engage stakeholders in developing truly equitable practices that align the company's goals and vision with their commitment to racial diversity by ​integrating customized effective tools best suited for their employees, clients and patient populations, with specific focus on outcomes in the social determinants of health sectors, which improve maternal and infant birth outcome.

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