Embedded within BBC’s services are strategies to address the social determinants that impact infant mortality. These include education, engagement, and systems change — systemic racism, Medicaid coverage, maternity and family leave and comprehensive sex education.


Premature births make up 77% of infant deaths. Do you want to join in the fight to save our babies?


22 babies in Hough die for every 1,000 born. Would you like to support pregnant women in your community?


6 babies in the US die for every 1,000 born. Would you like to work in your neighborhood?


Black babies are 3 times more likely to die before 12 months. Train as a Perinatal Support Doula with BBC!

Our Mission

Birthing Beautiful Communities was established to address and improve the systemic and community structures that lead to poor birth outcomes through Culture, Education, Advocacy, Support and Engagement (CEASE). BBC holistically supports pregnant women to deliver full-term, healthy babies, and in achieving equitable birth outcomes.

Our Vision

Birthing Beautiful Communities intends to provide exceptional perinatal support, birth, and breastfeeding options to communities at risk for infant mortality in their communities by people who look like them.

Our overall goal is to intentionally equip and support expecting parents with tools to birth and raise a healthy baby, in turn, creating healthier communities.

It Takes A Village

BBC trains, prepares and employs women to become Perinatal Support Doulas. Perinatal Support Doulas are women who support expecting mothers through pregnancy, at the birth and during the postpartum period. They are responsible for supporting, engaging, and promoting healthy lifestyles for their clients. These trained women are educated on the role of a birth & postpartum doula, community culture, healthy homes, stress management, sister support, breastfeeding and contraception. All trainee’s live in the communities of the pregnant women and families that they serve.

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Birthing Beautiful Communities seeks to educate, support, and empower expectant mothers at every stage fo their pregnancy and postpartum transition. Four domains of service are offered to BBC clients: Labor Support, Life Goal Planning, Childbirth and Parenting, and Support Groups.

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The BBC Experience

“I have had the opportunity to have two doulas through BBC with both of my children. This organization helped my pregnancy and birthing experience be better than peers that I know that didn’t have a doula. My doulas assisted me with prenatal depression and coping methods, yoga positions for prenatal pains, positions to use to relieve pain. They have also helped me with breastfeeding, not producing enough, educating me, being engorged, etc. an area of opportunity for BBC would be communication with us as the child gets older. I found that I had less contact with the doula but different issues continued to arise. Overall, my experience with BBC was a 9/10.”

– Destiny Bloodworth