Doula Training FAQ's

What is a Doula?

A Doula is a professional birth coach, who is skilled and trained to provide labor
support which includes emotional, physical and educational support. Doulas can assist
in stress management, contraception education, breastfeeding support. Doulas are
responsible to contract with the woman that they will serve and create their own fee
schedules and what services they would like to provide. We train doulas 3 times per year and these individuals do not work for use but can generally still reach out for support and we may reach out if we are looking to contract PSPs.

How is a Doula different from a BBC PSP?

The Perinatal Support Professional is a certified birth professional paid by Birthing
Beautiful Communities to render culturally centered services for our clients. This contractor is highly trained and skilled in various areas, including labor support, stress management, emotional support, breastfeeding, contraception education, smoking cessation as well as case
management, peer to peer interaction and collectivism. This role requires an interview
process and has some additional training and requirements that are disclosed after interview.

How do I become a certified doula?

All certification is done in-house by Birthing Beautiful Communities. The cost for training
and certification is $800.00 for all trainees, Doula and PSP. Those who complete training can expect a network of continues support regardless of which role. PSPs candidates who certify must complete some additional work. An interview is required for those interested in becoming a PSP and PSP training is only offered through an application process.

Is there a payment plan?

The total cost of training is $800. A $100 deposit is due at the time of registration. Payment must be made in full before exam can be taken. You may also choose to pay the entire amount at one time. Scholarships from community and church groups are up to the individual to secure. Payment must be completed before certification can be completed

*Due to time limits and mail delays, electronic payment is available by request only to or 

Will I be able to see private clients

Absolutely! We want every contractor to be an entrepreneur and understand how to use birth work to build their own business in addition to working with our clients. Those who contract with BBC have an additional guarantee of BBC intent to provide clients and contract with those who complete certification.

Will previous doula certification outside of BBC be accepted?

What we do at BBC is unique to our organization and includes 6 modules of training.
We are not able to verify that outside doula training adequately aligns with our mission.
Anyone who is certified as a doula can still train with BBC.

Who is best for this role/training? 

The Doula will be a mostly self-directed and disciplined person with a passion for birth
equity, improving birth outcomes and supporting mothers during perinatal stages. The
purpose of this training is to ensure positive birth outcomes in the Akron and Cleveland
community’s identified hotspots. This role requires training with little to absences, some
travel, and organization to insure time management and modeling for your clients.

What are the general duties?
  • Able to serve clients with different backgrounds, family cultures, and needs

  • Aware of the community she serves and able to do some community outreach

  • Creates Birth Plan with Client

  • Provides Continuous Labor Support

  • Provides support during pregnancy, labor and/ or postpartum


What are the requirements?
  • Complete Doula training

  • Complete social emotional training certification

  • Knowledge of and experience working with pregnant women, women with small

  • children

  • Culturally aware and understanding of systemic racism and its effects

  • Proficient with Mac and PC, word processing systems such as Microsoft Office Suite, Google Docs and email

  • Strong organizational skills

  • Able to lift 20 pounds

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